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Rising Death Toll In Ballia, Uttar Pradesh Raises Concerns Amid Heat Wave

Heat Wave Claims 103 Lives in Ballia District of Uttar Pradesh

In the past nine days, the district of Ballia in Uttar Pradesh has experienced a distressing surge in fatalities attributed to a heat wave, with the death toll reaching 103. Three additional deaths were reported on Sunday, including two in rural areas, according to Dainik Jagran. Concerns over the severity of the situation led to the transfer of CMS Dr. Diwakar Singh to Azamgarh, with Dr. SK Yadav assuming charge at the district hospital.

The impact of the heat wave has extended beyond Ballia, affecting other districts in the Purvanchal region as well. In the last 24 hours alone, 52 deaths were reported in Deoria, although the exact cause of these deaths remains unconfirmed. To address the alarming situation, a three-member team comprising Director, Communicable Diseases Dr. AK Singh, Deputy Director Dr. Mohit Singh, and Director Medical and Health Dr. KN Tiwari has been dispatched from Lucknow to Ballia.

As the heat wave persists, the effects of cyclone Biparjoy have begun to manifest in northern India, including Uttar Pradesh. The Meteorological Department has forecasted four consecutive days of rainfall in western Uttar Pradesh, starting from Monday. Kanpur is expected to experience weather changes beginning Monday, with heavy rainfall anticipated throughout the state from Tuesday onward. Meanwhile, districts in eastern Uttar Pradesh have been issued a heat wave warning.

The increasing number of hospital admissions has strained the district hospital in Ballia. Since June 15, over 480 patients have been admitted, presenting symptoms such as fever, breathing difficulties, and other ailments. The influx of patients has overwhelmed the medical facility, resulting in a shortage of stretchers and necessitating patients to be carried into the emergency ward by their attendants.

While the exact cause of the deaths in Ballia is yet to be determined, initial explanations differ. Government doctors initially suggested a possible link to the heat wave, but a senior government doctor from Lucknow, AK Singh, dismissed heat as the primary reason, citing atypical symptoms observed in the deceased. Dr. Singh proposed investigating water-related factors as a potential cause and announced that water samples would be examined by the climate department.

The state government has faced criticism from the opposition, led by Samajwadi Party Chief Akhilesh Yadav, who holds them responsible for the deaths. Yadav pointed to the lack of timely warnings and inadequate provision of food, medicines, and treatment to the affected individuals. In response, UP Health Minister Brajesh Pathak emphasized that the government is closely monitoring the situation in Ballia and treating it as a matter of utmost seriousness.

As investigations continue, the focus remains on addressing the immediate challenges posed by the heat wave and ensuring adequate medical support for affected individuals in Ballia and neighboring districts.

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